5 precautions to take in case an ATM refuses to give you back your card



Spending money is what we all do everyday, indirectly or directly. We all happen to use the ATM machine every now and then. But what do we do when we fall a victim of things like this???
There have been a lot of cases of people loosing their debit card to an automated teller machine in the cause of withdrawing money. Most people have confirmed that when you loose your debit card to a another bank, you may never get it back unless you know the manager. Although that as not being confirmed by any banking staff, but I can say from personal experience that it is 80% true.

Despite the cost of the ATM card which is around #1000, the stress involved in getting a new one is overwhelming. That is why I usually advise people to use debit cards only on last resort, as you can easily withdraw your money using POS systems and fingerprint withdrawal method.

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We cannot actually solve the card seizing problem but at least we can try to reduce the stress we face after such incidence, and most of us because of lack of knowledge of such things, we end up with broken hearts.

But you know, like they say “knowledge is power”…!!

That’s exactly what I want to achieve here, for you to have this knowledge.

Too much talk!! , let’s dive in.. Alright!!

When you are in a position where your ATM Card got seized for a reason you don’t understand, immediately get into the bank, locate the customer desk / care and file a complaint.

They will require you to defend your card, and that will be your most crucial Weapon to win the case. You are required to know everything about your card.

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Everytime you get a new ATM Card you should have this informations for your own good:

1. First things first, take a snapshot of your ATM card and store on your phone or anywhere else (front & back) make sure it is very clear.

2. Write out your card number and store it somewhere safe, or even better memorize it, if not all at least you should know the first and last 4 digits of your card. (that is the 16 digit code in front of your card) – “xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx”

3. Write out the expiry date of your card, they look like this – “Valid thru(07/22)”

4. Make sure you know whether your card has your name on it or not, if it does, write it out exactly the way it is don’t change anything on it.

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5. Also write out your CVV code, that is the last three(3) digits behind your card, when flipped.

6. Well, make sure to always have this information handy, and easy to access when you need them.

All this informations would make your journey far easier when you are trying to retrieve your card. If you are familiar with the banking system in Nigeria, you should know that if you spend 3 hours a day in the bank you are quite very lucky, a friend of mine would say “they would be transferring you from one desk to another as if your destiny is in their hands” lolz. So to avoid such transfer of files and destiny lol, please do well to keep the information above very well immediately you get a new debit card.

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