5 ways technology has affect Religion



Hello guys. Technology has taken over most aspects of our daily lives. We hardly do anything today without using some kind of machines or devices ranging from communication,agriculture,nutrition,entertainment and the rest. Technology has impressively also contributed to the religious aspect of our lives. So here are five ways technology has aided religious activities in recent times.
1) Social media
A social media is any platform where a group of people can socialize with each other via the internet. They are a couple of these, such as facebook, tweeter, and whatsapp where it is made possible for it’s user to create a group comprising of a desired group of persons. Religious bodies such as churches have taken advantage of this feature to aid in passing information to as much people as possible. You can find some church pages where information related to the church activities are discussed all thanks to the social media.
2)Mobile apps
Some religious tools such as the bible, Quran, and so many others are now more conveniently found in our mobile phones. This eases the stress of conveying our other wise bulky scriptures from place to place. Some churches even have gospel libraries available for their fold. They can therefore access all tools relating to their doctrines ranging from gospel books to convention videos. All these indeed has contributed to the development of the religious sectors through technologies.
Due to expansion, religious bodies of same denominations are scattered abroad. We have churches with their headquarters in a particular country meanwhile they have a branch in another country. A typical example is the roman catholic church. This been the case there come times where a program is taking place in an headquarters and other branches across the world ought to be present. In most cases just one headquarters is not enough to accommodate hundreds of branches together. This is a problem but thanks to telecommunication we can now stay in the comfort of our homes and view all programs live as it is being done. Coincidentally we are currently observing a total lockdown. Church meetings are still going on, just that everyone sits back and view it with the help of various telecommunication devices.
4) Keeping of records
All organizations have to keep records in other to avoid misunderstandings and be able to maintain to ability to be accountable to who it may concern . Records are kept to show how funds come and leave a religious body. It is used to check the budget and progress in it since the past times. It would be cumbersome for people to start submitting every report in paper form. Hence, we can now keep records the digital way. This enables these bodies to create, store, and share records as per their activities. Google drive is an example of such means whereby a file that is stored in a particular location can be accessed by any other operator just by entering a unique password. In this way religious bodies can have a strong hold on the it’s activities both at home and abroad.
5) Research tools
Most religious bodies have been formed hundred of years ago. So many records back that was documented back then have been missing, others are in distant countries, while others have even been destroyed. Combining these information is made easier with the help of the internet. The internet makes most of these ancient records available. Researches can be carried out in the comfort of one’s office. We have online search engines, encyclopaedias, and much more which are useful in this aspect.
With all these point it is clear that technology has impacted on the religious aspect of our live positively.

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