7 awesome things you can do with WordPress other than blogging



With more than 1.2 billion downloads WordPress is not just limited to blogging anymore. The WordPress CMS is used in a number of interesting things. Whether you are working with this open-source CMS system for full-time or just for freelance work, one thing is true that you are using WordPress because of its abundance of amazing features.

Since its inception in the market in 2003, WordPress has been used by a number of online businesses for long. It is tough to imagine a single day without WordPress. More than 25 percent of websites on the internet are using WordPress. So, it is clear that overall these years this open-source CMS tool has shown its strength and has proved its value in the online world.

WordPress is not only limited to the blogging aspect anymore, apart from blogging, but it has also become known to be a more flexible platform. In this, write-up we are going to discuss the amazing things that you can do with WordPress apart from blogging. You will get to know about some of the amazing things you can do with WordPress CMS aside blogging that it is common for. Probably there are integer numbers of things that a WordPress developer can do with this CMS, but here we are going to mention the top 8 ones that you might never think about.

7 cool Things You Can Do With WordPress Beside Blogging
There are loads of Amazing WordPress uses that people are unaware of, in this article, let’s discuss seven out of them.
Let’s have a look, here are 7 cool things that you can do with your WordPress site, aside blogging:

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WordPress Multisite
The WordPress Multisite feature was primarily introduced in 2010. This feature of WordPress helps you in converting your business website into a group of websites. In simpler words, this feature of WordPress helps in breaking your website into several sections like forums or online shops. Each of the converted sections can even have diverse styles so that you can tell the differentiation between each page easily.

Review Site
Building a review site is yet another great idea to do with WordPress. As we know that there are a number of online websites that are talking about something and giving a review of various products and services. These sites review products and services, and there are innumerable ways of displaying these reviews. So you can hire a wordpress programmer and can discuss various plug-ins of your choice and create a review site. There are amazing WordPress plugins that could turn your review site to an overnight success.

Create a Discussion Forum
Nowadays a discussion forum is almost certainly one of the best sources of content. Discussion forms give you a complete idea about a product or service. This type of site creation also acts as a help forum site on which you can give and take online. Normally on these forum sites, people ask for help, and experts answer their questions nicely to give their expertise greater exposure.

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Photo Gallery
Well if you are a photo lover or you are passionate about photography then what are you waiting for? It is the right time to switch to WordPress and create your Photo gallery section. Every one of us has a collection of some awesome photos that you want to share with your friends and family. With WordPress, you can upload all your memorable photos to your WordPress gallery blog for everyone to see. With this feature, you can manage and efficiently categorize thousands of your pictures.

Employment listing site
These days the job portal sites are earning a huge recognition and somehow the Internet is full of these sites. Most of the time people publish job ads and these pages are immensely well-liked due to unemployment. Well, it is tough to fight with the already established portals but you can create a job listing site for a specific audience that can do very well and also be beneficial. With the use of some best WordPress plug-in, it is easy to publish job ads, and this is one of the amazing WordPress uses that many users aren’t taking notice of.

Coupon site
You might have heard about the new rockstar of the online era. Yes, we are talking about the coupon sites. These sites are gaining huge recognition among the audience. Through Coupon sites, you can share discount coupon codes for readers. There are different types of coupon sites related to diverse industries. With coupon sites, it is easy to get huge traffic numbers and a lot of them are crowd-sourced.

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Invoicing is yet another important process that is used by most of the businesses out. It is used by every company but it may be very difficult for freelancers who don’t have much knowledge about the administrative tasks. So to overcome this issue creating an invoicing system through which you don’t have to spend much time on administrative tasks. With the help of some really good plugins, you can set up an invoicing system with WordPress dashboard. Even with this invoicing system you can store and categorize them in one place and can keep your eye on financials.


In a nutshell, we can say that when it comes to WordPress, it is well known for its features and functionalities all over the world. With a huge fan following the open-source CMS tool it is easy for developers to use it with other platforms. WordPress is the right choice for business professionals, bloggers, and developers. It not only offers its users with SEO optimized websites but also offers a great number of advantages to completely control your site.

With all these things, hopefully, we’ve discussed some amazing things that WordPress can do apart from blogging. In case you still have some concerns or want some more details about WordPress development then, let us know in the comments below.

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