Cliqpay Review: How To Make Money On Cliqpay Income Program



Cliqpay Revenue Program Review: How To Make Money On Cliqpay

Another revenue program we will review today is Cliqpay.

Anything surrounding an income program requires paying to do some basic tasks online. I think NNU, Giftalworld, etc. and how they work. Cliqpay is no different from them because you get paid to perform simple tasks such as reading articles, interpreting articles, sharing posts to social media platforms and the like.

About Cliqpay

Cliqpay, also known as Legittreasure, is a website where you get news from the latest events around the world. It is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission under the registration number RC2346789. It has a large number of registered members since its inception.

This website is really a lot of contributors that keeps you up to date. These contributors get their updates and news from trusted sources such as Pioneer, channels, The Guardian and other top online sources.

But the good news is that you can make money reading news on this platform, which means your mobile phone can be your source of income.

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Is Cliqpay a scam or a legal platform?

There are legal and scam platforms all over the world, but what category does cliqpay belong to?

The problem is that Cliqpay did not make a fake attempt that was recorded online at the time of the publication of this article.

As such, we will not call it a scam platform, but we cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. Therefore, make sure you do more research on the legitimacy of this platform.

How Much Money Can You Make On Cliqpay

The amount of money you can earn on cliqpay is measured by how active you are on the platform and how many people you can contact. Let’s examine them quickly below;

Referral Program: with Referral Program you will earn 70% of the registration fee for everyone you refer to this platform. So you’ll get 70% of N1,000, which is N700. You can apply to an unlimited number of people. For example, you will earn N7, 000 by directing 7 people to the platform.

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Login bonus: you will earn N100 to log into your cliqpay account. So if you log into your account for 30 days, you’ll earn N3, 000. Doesn’t she look good to you?

Sharing sponsored posts: sponsored posts are paid ads posted on the cliqpay website, which is a way to generate more revenue to pay you. Therefore, you will earn N200 for every sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline every day.

Reading articles: you will earn N10 for every article you read on Cliqpay. So you can read 20 articles a day to make the N200. You get informed and you still get paid. Sounds good, right?

Article publishing: you will receive N100 for every unique, original and approved article you publish on Cliqpay. Imagine you’re doing N500 by just publishing 5 articles every day.

Commenting / contributing: you will gain N4 for commenting on the posts you read on Cliqpay. You can comment on the publications as much as you like.

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How and when are you paid in the Cliqpay Revenue Program?

First, you need to know that the pay threshold is 5,000, which means you can’t withdraw if you don’t recoup that amount. By the way, you’re likely to exceed that amount.

I was told that the withdrawal button was usually active from 2 to 5 p.m. every month, and when you paid from 8 to 10 p.m. every month.

How Do You Sign Up For The Cliqpay Revenue Program?

Take your $ 1,200 registration fee.
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Visit the registration portal
Fill in the necessary information.
Click Register.
Cliqpay is a great way to make extra money, provided you have a smartphone and internet access.

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