IBT Forum Review : Read Before You Join IBT Forum Income Program



IBT Forum Revenue Program Review: read before joining

Let’s talk about the IBT Forum Revenue Program in this article today.

Just as its main purpose is to help students, the middle class, young people, e all other income programs, which are to C extra money in their own comfort zones. The IBT Forum is here for the same purpose.

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know everything you need to know about the IBT Forum Revenue Program here today.

About IBT Forum

The IBT Forum makes it clear to the public that it is not a Ponzi scheme, MLM, pyramid and so on. Ads on websites, prop ads, jumia, Google Adsense e.they claim to generate revenue from ads aired through vendors such as t c. They also make money by selling some premium digital services, such as ebooks, articles, graphics and others.

So they decided to share these proceeds with anyone who decided to partner with them through paid enrollment. Members will be asked to perform tasks including promoting the IBT Forum platform. This promotion includes sharing sponsored posts on your social media platform, directing people to join the program and other easy tasks. However, you will receive payment for all these activities.

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What will you benefit from being a member of the IBT Forum?

There are important ways to exploit this platform. You should check them below;

Revenue sharing: yes, you will earn a lot of money as a member of this platform by sharing sponsored posts / ads on your Facebook timeline on a daily basis, and it’s said you can share up to 5 times a day to make more money.
Affiliate Commission: this is the biggest advantage of the program, where you can earn up to 10,000 each day, as you will earn N1, 000 for each person you refer to that platform. This means that if you can get 10 people to join the program with your routing link, you’ll make N10, 000, and you’ll win bigger if you mean more than that.
How Much Money Can You Make in IBT Forum

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Before you can make money on this platform, you should let them know that you will need to participate in the program. Therefore, you must be a premium member to earn money on this platform. See below;

Premium Member-check how much you can earn as a Premium Member.
You’ll earn N100 for every sponsored post you share on your Facebook timeline.
You will earn N10 for every forum post you view on the platform.
Every comment you make in the posts in the forum will win N3.
How can you withdraw your money at IBT Forum?

You Sunday Saturday can claim your shots and then get paid on Sundays. In the meantime, you must have reached the 1,500 N payment threshold to receive payment

Is the IBT Forum Revenue Program a scam or a legal platform

The fact that we haven’t recorded any scam cases since this revenue program was launched can’t call it a scam platform.

We can’t call it a legal platform either because we don’t know what could go wrong tomorrow.

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Meanwhile, as this article is published, the IBT Forum Revenue Program is legal.

How to register for the IBT Forum

You already know that you will need to become a premium member before you can make money on this platform. To become a Premium Member, follow these steps.

Make sure the following are ready;
Take your £ 1,500 registration fee
You have a Facebook account
Internet Assessment
To start your registration switch to the other address at.
Fill in the required information
Click Register
You will be directed to a page where you will pay with your card.
After successful registration, you can start the IBT Forum Revenue Program.
You should share this online opportunity with your family and friends who may be interested in the IBT Forum Revenue Program. Use the social networking button to share.

Also leave your comments below and let us know what you think about this revenue program.

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