Mcforumpay Review: Legit or Scam?



The trendy Income Program I am about to review is not new to some extent. It was launch for about a months now. Since the outbreak of the Pandemic – Covid-19, working in the part of the world where very little things are digitalized has been next to zero. This has given a lot of Nigerians a cause to complain, as the money in the bank is getting smaller every single day and there is no hope that one’s employer is going to pay at the end of the month. However, in this midst of all the trouble and hard times, referral schemes like mcforumpay comes to the rescue by providing Nigerians with a medium to earn from their homes.

Mcforumpay is a social news platform just like nnu fuorum where you can read news updates from varieties of categories and tag and still get paid. As a member of any subscription plan, you don’t just read news for nothing, you get to earn by reading and commenting on the news you read. Isn’t that cool?

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This is a income program is powered by MCFORUM LIMITED which is registered under the Cooperate Affair Commison (CAC), with a registration number RC 1526865 with the mission to educate, empower, and inspire youth and community development in all aspects of life.

The amount you earn from very few brands of Income Programs depends on the plan you subscribe to, however this Income Program chooses to use that trend.
At mc forum pay there are four membership plans that you can subscribe to that before you start earning. They include

Silver membership Plan
Registration Fee for this membership plan is $5 which is equivalent to #1,750
With this plan you can earn a daily activities bonus of $1 which is #350. This means that if you are consistent, in a week you will earn N2450 because N350 X 7 = 2450
If you refer anyone to this income program you earn a referral bonus of 10% of the registration fee

Bronze membership Plan
Registration Fee for this membership plan is $10 which is equivalent to #3,500
With this plan you also earn a daily activities bonus of $2 which is equivalent to #700. Meaning that in a week you will earn #4900
Whenever you refer anyone to the platform you earn a referral bonus of 20%

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Gold membership Plan
Registration Fee for this membership plan is $15 which is equivalent to N5,250
You earn a daily activities bonus of $3 which is #1050
You are also entitled to a referral bonus of 30%

Super membership Plan
Registration Fee: $20 (N7000)
Daily activities bonus: $4.2 (N1470)
Referral bonus: 40%

This Income Program is a weekly payment and not the monthly payment. Due to this, you are to renew your subscription every weekend.

Please note that the dollar you see their do not align with the economic market rate. At mc forum pay, it is a constant where 1 dollar ($1) is equal to #350.

How to register on mcforumpay

Visit their official website at

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At the top of the page, click on Join MC-Forum Income link

Carefully fill the registration form, be careful not to make mistakes

Choose a subscription plan of your choice.

You are to make payment of your registration fee according to your subscription plan using Coupon code.

I hardly trust any income program that has being legit for a long while. This is because after several years of studying the way these platforms work, there is a whole bulk of truth when I say that it is impossible for anyone of them to last forever. Oh yes, they would surely go through a financial strains and if the administrators do not have a strong drive and skills to pilot the income program through those dearing times.

Like I said earlier that this platform is not new, as it as been availiable even before the Corona virus out beak, therefore there is a high possibility that they are still paying, but the probability of them stopping soon is very alarming.

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