Recharge and Get Paid : How To Make Money With RAGP



Recharge and Get Paid : How To Make Money With RAGP

Recharge and Get Paid ( RAGP ) is a registered legitimate online business where you can invest little time and capital to make a substantial amount of money if you know what you are doing.

Well, have you ever imagined making money from spending money ?

Yes I mean you make money from buying your basic needs. These basic needs include recharging your line, subscribing to Go Tv, and buying data. You will agree with me that you pay for these things regularly but no one is paying you.

I should remind you that whenever you get airtime, data or make TV subscriptions from your bank account or any other outlets. These people make a certain percentage on each of these products and services you pay for.

Now imagine that the money that these banks and other recharge card outlets are making is going straight to your pocket. Sounds cool right? Yes you get paid for recharging your own line and recharging other peoples lines.

People can buy airtime, data or subscribe their TVs through you and you still get paid. Therefore if you are good at advertising yourself, then consider this as a good business.

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Summary of The Money You Can Make on RAGP

● You make 2% of the airtime recharge to your line or selling out
● You get 20% of your own registration fee after signed up successfully
● You make 10% of the data you sell out or you buy for yourself
● You make N40 for subscribing to your TV.

Wait it doesn’t stop there ! You have a bigger way to make money even without doing anything or while sleeping. This is through their referral program.

Their referral program is quite unique from the popular referral programs we know. Below is a breakdown of how the RAGP referral works.

● You get 20% earnings of the first person you refer. The person will be your 1st referral level
● You get 10% earnings when the 1st referral level refers to another person who will be your 2nd referral level.
● You get 5% earnings of the 3rd referral level.
● You get 2.5% earnings of the 4th referral level.
● You get 1.25% earnings of the 5th referral level.
● You get 1% earnings of the 6th to 10th referral level.

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This simply implies that for each person you refer, you will have 10 downlines you will make money from. Meanwhile you can refer to as many people as you want. With these you make money forever.

Something interesting about this program is that nobody is allowed to register without providing his referral id. So if you are smart enough, you should allow people interested in the platform to register with your own referral id.

Recharge and Get Paid Registration Plans

● N100,000 – Executive Platinum Member – 10th Level Downlines – 400PV
● N50,000 – Platinum Member – Downlines – 10th Level Downlines – 200PV
● N40,000 – Diamond Member – 9th Level Downlines – 160PV
● N30,000 – Gold Member – 8th Level Downlines – 120PV
● N20,000 – Silver Member – 7th Level Downlines – 80PV
● N10,000 – Bronze Member – 6th Level Downlines – 40PV
● N5,000 – Basic Member – 5th Level Downlines – 20PV

You should note that the higher your plan, the bigger your opportunity to make money on the platform. Meanwhile, you can always go for the basic plan and fund your account in the long run.

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When you have money on your RAGP account, you can always get paid for recharging.

Note that PV means point value which can be used to get amazing bonuses like traveling to Dubai and cash prize.

How To Register With RAGP

● Decide your plan
● Get a referral ID
● Visit
● Fill in the required details
● Make payment for the desired plan.
● Make money from RAGP


Recharge and Get Paid is a trusted platform to make money online. This platform is quite different from other income programs that do eventually get crashed. Therefore you should go ahead to invest as fast as possible before it gets dominated.

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