Scfundz Income Program Review : Is It a Scam or Legit Platform?



Scfundz Review: Is this a scam or a legal platform? Find here

Our focus today is the Scfundz Revenue Program. This is one of many revenue generating platforms in Nigeria today. We will use this moment to conduct a review of them. What to learn below;

About Scfundz
How much money you can make on Scfundz.
Scfundz withdrawal date and payment threshold
Is Scfundz a scam or a legal platform
How Scfundz Have Been Registered.
About Scfundz

Scfundz, also known as Swift Cashout Fundz, is an online platform where you read the news and receive all the other useful updates that are good for you. It doesn’t end there because they’ve also created a way to generate income for yourself.

This platform claimed to create a way for you to make money without stress. Yes, because you will earn money to perform some activities that are already the norm for you. Some of these events include reading news, directing, logging in, and sharing sponsored posts.

Scfundz was released on January 17, 2020, which implies that this platform was aging at the time of the publication of this article. So you need to take the time to read each part of this piece so that you know if it’s a platform where you can invest your money.

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At the end of the day, you’ll understand that you can make money on this platform without stress, as they claim.

Now let’s see how much money you can actually make at Scfundz.

How Much Money Can You Make At Scfundz

In this section, we will examine ways to make money from this platform. We’re not going to guarantee that you’re going to make a certain amount of money every day because the money you earn on this platform just depends on how active you are. So check out below;

Affiliate gain-you earn the largest amount of money to become a member of Scfundz here, because you can earn as much as N1,000 as you want. How? You will earn N1, 000 for each person you refer to Scfundz through your advice link.

Therefore, an example where you refer to 20 people a day, you should get a total of 20,000 NN. I know it sounds good, but you should really work for it.

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Login gain-you will receive N100 to log into your scfundz control panel. It’s really interesting because you get paid for a very easy job. Logging into your scfundz account is as easy as logging into your facebook account. This means you will get N3, 000 each month if you log in continuously for 30 days.
Winning shared sponsored posts-for every sponsored post you share on your Twitter account, you will earn N200 using the hashtag #scfundz. I hope it doesn’t cost to share a post on Twitter. If you’re interested in this program and don’t have a Twitter account, quickly create one for yourself.
News reading-you will earn N5 for every news you read on this platform. This may seem minimal to you, but the truth is you’ll be moved by reading interesting updates on the site. You can even read about 20 news stories a day that will result in N100.
At this point, you’ll notice that the number of ways you can earn on this platform is not up to other revenue programs you should have heard of. It shows uniqueness.

Scfundz withdrawal date and payment threshold

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You should be able to withdraw your winnings every day, provided you make a claim between 08:00 and 10:00 of that day. In addition, you receive credit within 72 hours upon request. This means there is no fixed payment date.

Is Scfundz a scam or a legal platform?

That’s a good question because the proportion of scam cases out there is rising. Based on the information we collected about Scfundz, we discovered that people actually made money from this platform, but we also heard complaints from other members claiming that their activities did not translate into cash.

Therefore, we recommend that you not use your last money to sign up for this platform so as not to be broken. However, you may be lucky enough to get paid.

How To Register With Scfundz visit
Go to the record button.
Click and enter your information
One-time membership fee 1,500 N
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