TBD Income Program Review : Everything That You Need To Get Started



TBD Income Program Review : Everything That You Need To Get Started

This is one of the latest income programs in Nigeria today that was launched on the 18th of March, 2020 which simply implies that it is still hot. So let’s quickly make some reviews about them before everything gets cold.

Firstly you should know that TBD means Team Bulldozer but I don’t really know what brought about the name because the normal income programs we know have suffixes/ prefixes of words like news,forum, pay and others.

Well that does not dispute the fact that TBD Income program operates the same way as other income programs like Newspay, Candy News, NNU, Giftalworld, and others where you make money from reading news, sharing posts, commenting and referring people to the platform.

About TBD Income Program

TBD Income was created for the purpose of generating income for everyone that is interested in making extra money from their mobile phone without stress. It is being said that to get started with the previous version of TBD, you were required to pay N25,000 but today you can register with just N1,500 and make a lot of money within a short period of time.

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Ever since this program was launched in march, 2020 , they have paid out to over 3000 members till this day. Most people are yet to learn about this income program so you should register with them as far as possible before they stop paying out their members.

Is TBD Income Program Legit or Scam

The legitimacy of these income programs cannot be predicted. Yes, nobody loves getting scammed especially this period when the country is hard already. But life is about taking risks, you know?

Therefore, as at the time of writing this article it was confirmed that TBD Income Program is a legit one and it is currently paying out to its members. The fact is just that we don’t know what might happen tomorrow.

How Much Money Can You Make On TBD Income Program

The amount of money you can make on this platform actually depends on your level of seriousness, determination and smartness. Well below is a breakdown of the amount of money that you can make on the TBD income program in Nigeria.

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● Login In : TBD will 50 activity point for logging to their platform

● Sharing Sponsored Posts : You will earn 200 activity points for ever sponsored posts you share to your social media accounts. The maximum amount of sponsored posts you can share in a day is 4.

● Referral Program: You will earn N1,000 for everyone that you refer to the Team Bulldozer Income Program.

● Reading Post: You will be given 5 activity points for each post that you read on the platform.

● Commenting: You will earn 5 activity points for commenting on posts.

● Article Submission: You are to earn 250 activity points for any approved unique article that you publish on the platform.

You should note that one activity point is equivalent to one Naira.

Meanwhile you should note that the TBD Income Program payment threshold for activity earning is N2000 while N3000 for the referral earnings.

They also claimed to pay out without referring anyone to the platform.

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How To Register With TBD Income Program

For those that have made up their mind to join the TBD Income Program, you should do so now before it’s too late. Below is a guide to put you through !

1. Buy your e – pin for N1,500 from a verified seller.
2. Visit the TBD official website
3. Fill in the required details on the website like your names, phone number, username, password, the epin you got and others.
4. Agree to their terms and conditions by ticking the box.
5. Click on make payment.

You are done ! So quickly rush down to get with the Team Bulldozer Income Program so that you don’t come when they are going. Yes you know what I mean .

Meanwhile, you should ensure you make use of the social share button to share this TBD review because there are so many people who might be interested in this online business opportunity.

But don’t forget to use the comment section to let us know what you think about the TBD Income Program.

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